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Written by Sorah Stein   
Sunday, 13 June 2010 20:30

Some of you may never encounter the need for this article, while others will. Of those of you who will, some of you will be in a state of panic and others in a state of joy. In whatever state you find yourself, I hope this will be of help to you.

Your child is no longer a child and he or she wants to get married and/or have sex. This should not be a moment of panic. This is a moment to educate. Whether talking to your son or daughter, you’ll want to make sure that he or she knows the basics of keeping him or herself safe. For most, this will include condoms and perhaps other forms of contraception, until and unless a pregnancy is deemed safe and appropriate on all levels and by all involved.

A great video for teaching individuals with developmental disabilities how to use condoms is Under Cover Dick by Dave Hingsburger. In general, you want to use materials that are as close to realistic as possible. This means not using a banana, a cucumber, or even a silver, bullet-shaped phallice. You want to avoid your child being the anecdotal one who puts the condom on the banana, cucumber, silver, bullet-shaped phallic e, etc.

You’ll also want to prepare your son or daughter well for having a relationship that includes sex. For those of you whose children will marry, this may include general housekeeping skills, as well as communication skills. Your son or daughter should know that sex should always be consensual, and should feel good. Specifically, your son or daughter should know that he or she can say, “No” to his or her partner (or anyone who attempts to touch him or her in an unwanted way) , and that he or she needs to communicate with you or a physician if something hurts.

You should also discuss with your son or daughter that there are many ways to show affection. He or she should know that many people enjoy cuddling and kissing and not only sex. You may also want to discuss with your son or daughter the different ways in which people have sex. A good book on this topic is The Facts of Life and More by Leslie Walker-Hirsch.

However you choose to talk to your son or daughter about these matters, I hope that you will be encouraging of all appropriate and meaningful relationships for him or her.


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